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Eating the Rainbow 🌈

When I first evaluated my Rainbow I thought I ate well! I thought I got plenty of fruits and veggies on a daily basis….

Well... when I completed my first Rainbow Evaluation I realized I was not doing as good of a job at eating the rainbow as I had believed…

Go figure! I have all the tools and resources and I must admit that I am not perfect!

In fact, none of us are, right?

We are all human and we are all busy...

Taking care of kids, working, cooking, cleaning, family, friends…

Oh and let’s not forget our health conditions…

My fibromyalgia used to throw me for a loop frequently … luckily I found my path to remission!

But, really it is difficult to really keep track of how good we are eating if we are not paying attention…

So that’s where my Rainbow Evaluation comes in…

It takes just a few minutes and it can really give us amazing information on your diet and what we can do to make sure you're getting in all the amazing phytonutrients.

A few reasons eating the rainbow is important for your health:

  • Fruits and veggies don’t just act as our daily clean-up team internally, they also play leadership roles in fighting disease. If you are focusing on disease prevention or regaining your health - adding in a better rainbow of colors is important.

  • The natural processes of aging and stress produce “dirt” that needs to be cleaned up so make sure to turn to your daily rainbow for extra support.

  • Trying to heal & reduce inflammation? Add all the different colors in and choose organic to give your body more of the plant nutrient power (like antioxidants) that the body needs to do its repair work.

Are you worried that you can’t afford to eat more fruits and vegetables? If so check out these tips:

  • If you need assistance, look into government programs designed to help, like WIC and SNAP

  • Look at seasonal produce or seconds at the farmer’s market.

  • Consider planting herbs and vegetables in your yard, a pot, or a community garden.

  • Pay attention to how you are storing fruits and vegetables, and if you’re not sure of the best way to extend their life, look it up!.

  • If you’re able to get extra fruits and vegetables, freeze what you aren’t ready to eat or cook extra meals with them to freeze for busier days in the future.

Other tips for making the most of your rainbow:

  • Ideally, your better nutrition plan focuses on whole plant foods - If yours is, you are making better choices already!

  • If you are getting a variety of colors each day you are giving your body the resources (nutrients) it needs to do all its different tasks, better.

  • If you have a favorite color - don’t worry, most of us do - notice if it changes seasonally and consider ways that you can keep getting that color while adding in the others more often.

  • Better nutrition includes better nutrient balance, so make sure you know the difference between non-starchy and starchy vegetables - which like fruit, count as a carb - and which fruits actually count as fats, like avocados.

  • Are you choosing dehydrated or dried fruits and vegetables? One reason to eat fruits and vegetables is to get the water that helps their nutrients get into your cells to be used better. When dried, fruits and starchy vegetables can also be much higher in sugar per serving, so pay attention to quantity. That said, dried and dehydrated can be a fun and convenient way to choose veggies and fruit more often.

Ready to learn more?

Complete the rainbow evaluation and if you'd like help improving your health click below to schedule a comprehensive evaluation with me today!

Click Here to schedule!

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