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Let Go Of The Past And Look Forward To The Future

When you have fibromyalgia it can be frustrating and overwhelming and it may seem like the future holds nothing worth looking forward to.

On the other hand if we spend too much time living in the past it can negatively affect our future and may be contributing to your chronic pain, fibro fog, and fatigue.

When we choose to let go of the past and we begin to heal from past traumas, regrets, and all of the what ifs the future becomes more desirable.

Not to mention that once you let go of the past you will also begin to see improvement in your fibromyalgia symptoms.

I know that letting go of the past to move on is often easier said than done…

Besides just enabling you to move forward, there are many other reasons why you must let go of past events. Because with a past weighing you down, you’ll never be able to greet the future with open arms.

The Past is The Past

First and foremost, you need to let go of the past because it is just that, the past. If you spend time and mental energy thinking about things that have happened or events you wished you could have prevented, this is valuable energy wasted. Instead of putting this energy into your future goals, you are putting them into something that will never change.

And if you spend too much time worrying about the past, you may soon find you’ve wasted away the present as well.

Dwelling On The Past Will Only Hurt Your Outlook

If there's something in the past you are specifically dwelling on, that's likely because it was a situation that caused you a large amount of stress or sadness. And you may not realize it, but inviting these memories into your mind is inviting these negative emotions back into your life.

As long as these emotions cloud your judgment, it will be difficult for you to look forward with optimism, which is a key part of achieving future success.

You Are Not Your Past

The things which may have happened previously in your life may have shaped who you are today, but you must remember you are not these experiences. Your mind created any attachment you have to these past events, and they will continue to hold you back as long as you let them.

Cut the ties today and commit to a new life unattached to what may have happened in your past.

Letting go of the past and committing to move forward is never the easy option. If it were, everyone would do it. But it is impossible to go towards a positive future without also having a positive attitude and outlook on life—and holding on to your past will inhibit you from doing so.

So, if you want to be successful in the future, take the first step by committing to letting go of your past today.

If you need help working through your past so that you can finally let it go and begin your journey to fibromyalgia relief click here and schedule a complimentary coaching session now!

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