You Can’t Have Better Health Without Better Digestion

I get asked all the time about digestive symptoms, diets, fasts, and what to eat when you have fibromyalgia…

So many women with fibromyalgia suffer from frequent digestive issues…

They have tried all the latest diets, they have taken prescribed medications and supplements, that have done all the testing recommended by their doctor or GI specialist… and they still have trouble!

So, if you have fibromyalgia and also experience digestive issues, your gut problems may be more than a coincidence!

Does this sound like you?

It used to be me!

When your dealing with fibromyalgia you can have decreased blood flow to your gut and you can have low stomach acid… and this leads to digestive trouble

It’s really a recipe for disaster and can lead to symptoms such as

  • Bloating

  • Bad Breath (halitosis)

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Fatigue

  • Brain Fog

  • Inflammation

  • Pain

  • Insomnia

  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain

  • Indigestion

When these symptoms are left untreated your digestive issues can turn into more serious problems:

  • SIBO

  • GERD

  • IBS

And honestly, you can’t have better health without better digestion.

So correcting your digestive problems is a priority! In my practice digestion is always addressed… because it is so important to your overall health!

So what can you do?

I recommend that all my clients do a Digestive Tune-Up quarterly. The seasons change, our food selection changes, and our stress levels change…

All of this leads to digestive changes!

The Digestive Tune-Up will reduce digestive frustrations and improve digestion support so that you can get in more of what your body needs in order to run better.

Not sure if you need a Tune-Up?

In my opinion, everyone could benefit from a digestive tune-up! This is especially true if you have fibromyalgia!

The digestive tune-up will reset your digestive symptoms, restore your digestive system, indicate what you need for better digestion, and is safe for anyone to complete!

The digestive tune-up is not fast, a replacement to your physician recommendations, a treatment, or a full-on fix of your digestive system.

However, it will work to:

  • Ensure that you are getting the nutrients your body needs to function optimally

  • Ensure that your toxins are getting eliminated properly

  • Your organs are getting what they need

  • Improve your inflammation

  • Improve and in some resolve your fibromyalgia symptoms of pain, fatigue, brain fog, IBS, etc.

If you’re not sure I challenge you to take the digestive evaluation and use it as a test to see how well you really are digesting!

Remember .... You Can’t Have Better Health Without Better Digestion!

If you’d like a copy of my digestion evaluation email me right now and request your free copy!

Once you’ve completed it email it back to me and I will reach out to you with your results.

Are you ready for my next 30 Day Digestive Tune-Up Challenge?

My next challenge begins on Oct 11, 2021, and will run every Monday evening for 4 weeks. Registration for the course will close on Friday, October 8th at 12:00 PM EST.

The 30 Day Digestive Tune-Up Challenge Includes:

  • 4-week program all live events will be recorded and available throughout the duration of the program!

  • Nutritional Evaluations before and after.

  • Better Nutrition Rainbow (foods, drinks, spices & herbs, supplements)

  • Meet your water needs both in quantity & frequency

** The tune-up requires additional purchase of Orthobiotic (probiotic supplement & Glutagenics supplement) to use for 30 days during the challenge.

** It is also recommended that you also purchase and use these supplements but not mandatory: Transformation Digest Enzymes 1 with snack & 2 with each meal (7 daily) and Innate 300 mg of Magnesium Combined with Organic Spinach

If purchased through my Fullscript Account you will receive my discount of 15% and the total for a 30 day supply of all the supplements will cost $236.53 and will be shipped directly to your home.

You are welcome to look on Amazon or elsewhere for the products but usually, they are cheaper with FullScripts when you use my discount.

For product information, you can visit

The package is located under my protocols and is the Digestive Tune-Up 30 Day Challenge.

If you’re ready for the challenge you can Click Here to register now!



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