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I'm so glad you're here! You're already taking a step towards achieving your dreams!

So let's jump right on in!


My name is Amy Read and I am an Adult & Geriatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. I have specialized my interests in health & wellness after years of struggling with my own symptoms ... symptoms of pain, brain fog, IBS, difficulty with focus, no ability to concentration, a very forgetful memory, and so many more. Over time the symptoms progressed and so much of what I was experiencing was becoming the norm. I was always in pain, I misspoke all the time, the fatigue was insane, and I was beginning to believe I suffered from something awful like brain cancer or dementia.

I had every test. MRI's, CT's, Blood work so much blood work, Neuropsych Eval, Colonoscopies, Endoscopies, I seen all the specialist. Luckily, I was cleared of anything life threating.

That's the point that my life changed. I was out of work on a medical leave. I did not think it was safe to practice in my condition. I won't lie, I spent many months feeling sorry for my self. But one day I woke up and realized that I wasn't going to accept that this was my life. 

That's when I found functional medicine. I found a way to "cure" myself and reclaim my life. It was hard. It took a lot of time. It took work. It took family support.

Now I am able to live again and I have many roles and titles, the best of which is being a mother to 6 beautiful children. I love the sun and the beach, if I have a day off that's where you'll find me! The water is mesmerizing and the sun enlightens my soul!

I am now a functional medicine practitioner nurse practitioner and bring over 25 years of experience into my practice. Functional medicine has saved my life and become my passion for helping others. My own triumphs and trials with depression, anxiety, ADHD, food sensitivities and fibromyalgia allow me to have a deep understanding of what my clients are going through and what they need to have in order to achieve the life of their dreams. Through my programs, clients who are who are committed and ready for change, are able to obtain optimal health and wellness.​

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