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If Not Now, When?

So often I hear my prospective clients say that they would do anything to reduce their fibromyalgia symptoms…

But when it comes down to it… they don’t proceed.

They don’t take the actions that are needed to reduce the suffering that has taken over their lives.

So I ask...

If not now…

Then when?

If your pain, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms are not enough to invest financially, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally in yourself…

When will you be ready?

When you wake up with intractable pain that doesn’t go away?

When you can’t walk because your muscles are too weak and your legs don’t “work”?

When you’re so tired that you fall asleep driving?

When you lose your job because you are not able to do it properly?

When your fibro fog causes you to make a huge mistake?

Fibromyalgia is left to chance and prescription medications will get worse over time. Talk to anyone who has had the disease for 10 or more years and they will tell you that they can’t get better and that over time their symptoms have progressively gotten worse.

There comes a point in your journey that if you do not start to make changes you will have permanent damage to your body.

Unconventional treatment of fibromyalgia helps you to uncover your roadblocks, identify the root cause, and treat yourself through diet and lifestyle changes.

This leads to improvement in symptoms and remission in many. This also helps you to avoid permanent irreversible damage.

Do you know the root cause of your fibromyalgia?

Do you know how to treat your root cause so that you can finally feel good again?

If you’re ready, let's chat!

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